Just in time for New York City...

The Counterpoint Collection is now on our website!  See it here.

The Counterpoint Collection is a unique collaboration with award-winning creative writer, Jody Jenkins.  It started last spring when I contacted Jody about writing a piece for the new collection... I sent him several photos as a catalyst and then let him run wild...

The result was a beautifully descriptive narrative that explores life’s joys and pains and the paradox of both attaching to and adverting these moments.   When Jody gave me the finished piece, I experimented with it through both typography and handwriting.   The result is The Counterpoint Collection-- 5 quilts in the series that use the signature Comma freehand cursive layered with Times New Roman and Verdana fonts.  They are up on our website now, and will be at our New York City Trunk Show next week.  Come see us if you're in the city!

Below are some of the photos that I sent Jody to use as a catalyst for the writing.

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