Comma Workshop quilts for Anthropologie!

I was absolutely thrilled when Anthropologie approached us about designing and crafting a limited edition quilt series for them.  That was back in October, and the quilts are now available on their website and exclusively at their new Upper East Side store in Manhattan. See them in person if you happen to be in the Big Apple. 

There are six, one-of-a-kind, queen size quilts in this collection-- three are available online and three in their store.   I thoroughly enjoyed writing the narratives for these quilts-- stories of traveling and returning home and the quiet connection between the two.  You'll read about the Big Horn Mountains, cattle drives, bookshelves stacked with Proust and Bronte, hiking with Hudson and Porter in the rain, collard greens, and much more.  Here's an excerpt from 'I Travel the Pass':

i traveled the pass and headed home
to the familiar sounds and sights.

the predictable train whistle. the little
painted egg that annie gave me. the
pottery piece from mississippi. even
grace greeted me at my front steps.
did you know that she sweeps the walk
every day like the little old ladies from
greenpoint? i think she secretly wants
to be one of them. her house is full of
photos of rust and metal and rural
landscapes. what a life she has led.
what a life we all have led.  and you
traveled the pass too. home to photos
of nieces and nephews and dogs. all so
little then.  home to the wooden bead on
the mantel  that jack gave you. i wonder
where he is these days.  out in wyoming
somewhere roping horses and playing
in the dirt. sometimes we wish we to be
there too,  playing in the fields

we traveled the pass and headed home

holding on to winter’s last breath, with one
foot out of hibernation, stepping into spring

It was such a joy to work with Anthropologie-- stay tuned for more adventures with them!

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