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kelly deck, an interior design and writer for the design section of the globe and mail, wrote a great article this week about the online craft/design/art community and included comma workshop in it. i love that she highlighted that many of today’s “crafters” are actually progressive designers with backgrounds in product design, graphic design, architecture, etc.  the debate about craft vs. art vs. design has been going on forever, but whatever your opinion is, bringing these three words together widens the audience and it elevates my own work. 
To me, it means that we, as designers, aren’t settling for the status quo and the traditional approach to a career... we are forging new paths, and i love it! designers aren’t just designing, we are making, too.
i love strolling around the internet and finding a great hand-crafted piece. more often than not, as i read more about it, i find that the maker was trained as a designer or architect.  above are a few that i love: 

in order from top image to bottom:


  1. wow! what lovely designs...i love finding new things...especially during wish list time!

  2. Great post! And thank you for bringing attention to the fact that "crafters" can be a combination of designer/artist/maker. I'm embarrassed to say that I sometimes hesitate to say I have a small "craft" biz because of the connotation that word has. After reading your post, I was encouraged to share that I am a crafter/maker & what that actually means. :)

  3. you have lovely work
    thanks for including our storage basket
    all the best.