wise business decision #378:  go on a 10-day silent meditation retreat in the middle of releasing the context series to the public and developing the commababy line.

with timing less than perfect, i found out that i was no longer wait-listed for the meditation retreat that i signed up for long ago. i wrestled with the idea for a day or two and then decided to go out in the middle of nowhere, wake at 4 am, meditate daily for 11 hours daily with no talking, no eye contact, no books, no journals, no yoga. so for ten days, it was just me...sitting...sitting... and sitting some more.

it was tumultuous, at times torturous, a bit productive, and a tiny bit peaceful.  and now i’m back and sewing with a fury.

for those of you who ordered quilts while i was away, rest assured, although my ability to multitask has decreased considerably, your quilts will be crafted with an even greater care, attention, and single-pointed focus!

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  1. Glad you are back and had some time to yourself. :) We missed you...